Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Curamericas Senior Project

For the third year in a Row, Curamericas Global has hosted high-school seniors from Ravenscroft in Raleigh, NC. Students contribute up to 40 hours of volunteer service over two weeks as part of their Lead From Here Initiative. Their job is to further the mission of the local nonprofit. They work in administration and development, learning important skills while also helping serve a greater good.
Maggie Deleonardis, member of the Avery advisory, explains how “Curamericas Global helps underserved women and children gain the healthcare they need.” Caroline Vande Berg of the Flinn advisory emphasizes how “the partnerships that Curamericas Global builds leaves a lasting, positive impression on these communities and creates healthier lives for mothers and children around the world.”
Curamericas Global seeks to partner with underserved communities to make measurable and sustainable improvements in their health and wellbeing. It currently provides assistance in countries such as Guatemala, Sierra Leone, and Liberia to ensure medical care that is both scientifically valid and culturally inclusive. Through data-driven methods and community-centered solutions, Curamericas Global aims to see a world free of suffering from treatable and preventable causes.
As Dasha Teyf of the Flinn advisory says, “Together, we are giving mothers and children a chance at life.”
To support the students in their endeavors, please visit their fundraising page (link below) and help them reach their goal of $500 to support Curamericas Global.


Caroline Vande Berg, Hannah Ramusevic, Caroline Bardini, Kathryn Hubbard, and Dasha Teyf

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